2020 Display & Build

Total Raised in 2020 for Redkite: $3,000.

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Lights are mostly down, but a few things have been left up for further testing over coming months. Earlier in the month I purchased a new TIG welder for some upcoming Aluminium items I want to add to the 2020 show, but initially I need to learn how to use it.


Well I can weld… Sort of lol


Headed down to see Redkite on the 4th of february, and it was great. Handed over the $2500 raised last year, and while it was not as much as we hoped, it was great that we did make as much as we did, considering the fires and smoke in the area for almost all of December.

Also later in the month I started making a few giveaways for the Sydney mini, but alas due to Covid-19 it was cancelled.


A lot has been happening in recent weeks, starting with updates to a number of control boxes, window surrounds, arrival of Boscoyo strip, new Coro props and Falcon F16V3 firmware upgrades.


The megatree topper arrived, but had to be modified, and I am slowly pushing pixels into the tree strip from Boscoyo.


My wife Sue had a knee replacement in late June, so I have been slightly lacking in time to work on the lights, but in recent days I have managed to do a bit of work on the Megatree.

The initial test of the megatree setup. This was 33 of the final 36 strings, and one damaged that has subsequently been repaired. The final tree will be 270 degrees, 36 strings of 100 pixels each, and the 380 pixels on the star, increasing the megatree from 2066 pixels to 3980 pixels, and increasing the height from about 5.5m to about 7.2 meters, with the top just short of the 7.4m pole height


Since the megatree is completed, along with the new star, it’s time to work on the next item – the replacement Bethlehem star. The old 20+kg star had 166 LED’s, and the new one is 252 LED’s, with a number of additional sub-models, and weighs just 5.1kg with Pixels!


Earlier in the year I decided to purchase the new pixels for the upgrade of the Pixicles (Icicles) that were planned to be done in 2021, but I have decided to bring the upgrades forward to 2020. To do this I needed to completely redo the icicle layout, and instead of a single J1Sys P12R controller for the old icicles and a small J1Sys P2 for the Bethlehem Star, I have changed it to a Falcon F16 V3 and 2 lots of smart receivers. An additional dumb receiver will be placed in with the F16 to drive a large wreath near the box as well

While I was at it I decided to tackle the Ice Queen Chromaflake’s rather unusual mounting, and came up with a rather unique solution.


A quick upgrade to the mounting for the PSU’s in the Jet Ski, along with a couple of new shirts for the family and a small power upgrade rounded out this month’s work. Oh and I put the rest of the lights up as well lol


Sues mother, Noelene, passed away on the 6th of December, just weeks before her 80th birthday, and of course Christmas.

2020 Spend

TIG Welder: $1500
Megatree Steel Order 1: $160
Falcon controller: $600
Conduit: $120
Paint: $20
Pixel strip: $380
Boxes: $200
Ray Wu Order 1: $965
Boscoyo Strip: $750
Tree Topper: $102
Cable Ties: $200
Storage Containers: $50
Power Injection Wire: $80
Steel for Megatree Pt 2: $160
2*Raspberry Pi V4: $140
Ray Wu order 2: $600
Extreme Lighting Displays order 2: $220
Spraypaint: $80
Megatree Steel Part 2: $90
Megatree Bolts: $140
Micro SD Cards: $150
Fans: $30
Parts for Temp sensors: $80
Wire Rope: $80
Ray Wu Order 3: $1250
Plastic Trellis: $182
Steel: $120
Paint: $60
Aluminium for Bethlehem Star: $150
Boxes: $160
Cable Ties: $150
Box vents: $74

Total: $8,953