2016 Display & Build

Total Raised in 2016 for Redkite: $3,300.

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I must be mad, but no, I think I’m just keen to do the updates I wanted to do in 2015 but never managed. More rolls of filament for the covers, and I have already printed enough parts for 5 12 Point Pixel stars, on the way to another 20 or so in 2016.

A part of the display that I have not liked for a while now is the Tune To Signs. These are often missed by viewers in the clutter of the display, so they are being replaced by a small LED matrix panel that I hope will work as well as I want. Considering they will likely have almost as many, of not more LED’s compared to my large matrix on the front of the house, this should really add a pretty darn complex sign that will either be an additional matrix, or most likely a separately triggered sign with pre-programmed sequences.

We visited Redkite  and delivered the cheque to them. As always a wonderful day for the family, made even more so by a lovely gift of appreciation from Redkite, which proudly hangs on our wall.


Loads have happened in the last few months. Sydney Mini, my conversion to xLights, order of more pixels, and the update of a few of the controllers to better fusing, voltage indication and more.

I ordered 500 WS2811 pixels from Ray to make new 12 point stars and the new Fireworks items, and maybe I might have enough to light the new North Pole lamp, but I will have to wait and see. I plan on driving the fireworks with a Raspberry Pi V2 or 3 and a Pixel Pi from Alec in South Australia (Thanks Ben and Alec), and just have to work out how that works.

The Screens are all built, and I am going to order the Perspex for the covers soon. I cant order locally due to price, so will have to head to Sydney to get the stuff I need.

Finished the upgrade of the Rose garden lights. 672 LED’s were aligned, covers added, and a few LED’s repaired.

Added the covers to the 8 sets of lights that go around the windows on the house, and repaired the sets as needed. I have a few more minor things to go, but have been busy printing more LED covers for the Megatree.



Thanks to Brad I am now the owner of the earlier shown large opaque Ball that I need to illuminate, so time to work out how it will be built. Firstly the interior will be lit with 50 2811 pixels and the ball will sit on a piece of 90mm conduit.

Still printing away, working on the frames for the LED Matrix and doing a few more LED covers for some late addition items, as well as more spare covers


Completed all the parts for the additional 15 12 point stars for the trees.

Working on the new Spinners to replace the Firework item I had a few years back. These are 8 arms, with 10 pixels per arm, and I will have 2 this year, and likely more next year


I have been busy, so few updates, sorry. Binny, one of the ACL members, asked me to print a set of joiners for the P10 panels, so I sent him off a set, but it’s not always that easy – parts did not fit. Then to compound the issue he expanded his P10 matrix from a 3*3 to a 4*5, so ordered more P10 panels…. Only to find the second lot are different to the first.


Who in their right mind leaves things until the last minute? Oh yeah, me – ARGH!!!!!

Hyphey, the new display element was tested, and looks great. Yes this is the Hyphen from the historic Coca-Cola sign in Kings Cross which was won by my son Jacob. Just need to work on a display stand and it will be ready to go! Next year we plan on replacing the P10 panels with smaller P5 or P6 setups to allow us to use more of the space inside the area, but we had the P10’s here so they got used

2016 Spend

5 Rolls Natural ABS: $160
3 Rolls Transparent ABS: $90
30 P10 Panels: $750
2 BeagleBoneBlack’s: $131
3 Octoscroller’s: $110
Cables and Connectors: $80
Ray Wu Order 1: $190
2 Raspberry Pi V3: $130
Ray Wu Order 2: $250
Paints/lacquers: $70
Cableties: $70
Wood for framing: $250
Paint: $100
Glue: $50
Steel: $200
Perspex: $105
Screen Hanging Hardware: $120
Paint & Silastic: $120
Rope: $70
Lollies: $450

Total: $3,496