2018 Display & Build

Total Raised in 2018 for Redkite: $2,400.

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Lights are mostly down, and we have started working on whats needed for 2018. A few tentative plans have been made, and orders started, for the replacement of the singing faces, plus the addition of about 2000+ Pixels in the display


The large 12 pointed star is complete, with some images below. 1.8kg of plastic, 12 parts, with 12 internal adapters, 60 LED’s and 20 internal joiners all came together to create another unique item for 2018


First of 2 Ray Wu orders sent off early in March for 30 replacement P10 panels and some 12V strip.

The P10’s are to replace the ones in the P10 panel on the front of the house, as they were damaged by heat last year. The Strips are for the new arches, but I have yet to get the seeder tube

The second order is a few more strips and 2000 5V Pixels. The Strips are for the remainder of the new arches, and the pixels are for singing faces, 3 new window outlines, as well as some other items I plan on building. I will need to order another 2000 pixels through the year, but that can wait a bit longer.



Orders for myself and Ben for our Arch material have arrived. 30m of a 32mm opaque tube designed for air seeders, so it is going to be a completely new designed arch

I need to buy 20 32mm inspection T pieces and about 40 meters of conduit when I get time to build the arches. I also need to work out a storage location for them.


Started working on a few new sequences for 2018, including Christmas Canon Rock (shortened version) by Trans Siberian Orchestra, My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy, and We Three Kings by Alexander Jean & Casey Abrams.

I have another 4 or 5 sequences in process, but not yet ready, and I need to upgrade the older sequences once the layout for the house is finalised


Alas there has been little time to work on the lights recently as my father had a heart attack and spent almost 2 weeks in Hospital, followed by a fair bit of help needed due to other age related issues.

5 arches are done, with 4 more needed to be completed. Lights are not yet in them, but I hope to at least get some done soon for testing. I have created a number of 3D Printed parts that are used in the arches, so this is slowing up the build slightly, as I can only create parts for 2-3 arches a da

Ordered what I hope is the last of the lights for this year from Ray Wu. Another 2500 LED’s should be here soon.The arches turned out to be a disaster, as the LED Strip seriously sucks. I have hated strip for years, and again this lot has let me down with failures. I have decided to change the way I do the arches and instead of 2.5 meters of 12v strip, totalling 75 LED’s and 75 Channels (Each group of 3 LED’s are individually controlled), I will be adding 50 5V individual pixels per arch. This means I will have to buy a new toy – a drill press, which I’ll pick up at bunnings


The new arch design looks great, and after a problem with the original Ozito drill press, the local Bunnings swapped it for a new one which worked fine. 1200 holes drilled, LED’s installed and tested, and and the arches hung up above the car in the shed until they are needed next. I still need to do the legs, but have a conduit bender for that to save a lot of $ in elbows.

10 new Candy Canes have been designed and built. 99 Pixels each, this soaked up another 990 pixels, meaning I needed another small order of 2500 pixels off Ray.


Because I removed all the silhouettes from the windows, I had 4 windows that had nothing but surrounds around them. Talking to the Australian Boscoyo supplier and I scored 4 22 inch spinners, ideal for the middle of those windows, and another 340 Pixels.

Ordered, and received a second Falcon F16 V3 to replace the old J1Sys PixAD8

2018 Spend

Boscoyo Order: $200
Ray Wu Order 1: $800
Ray Wu Order 2: $270
Filament: $120
Arch material: $170
Ray Wu Order 3: $509
Drill Press and Vice: $135
Glue gun and glue: $95
Ray Wu Order 4: $120
Coreplast: $30
Ray Wu Order 5: $500
Boscoyo Items: $120
Falcon F16 V3: $400
Ray Wu Order 6: $553
Conduit: $70
CAT5e: $100
Alarm Cable: $100
Spraypaint: $30
Polycarbonate: $35
Bubble Machine: $70
South Pole Parts: $60
Raspberry Pi: $70
Beaglebone black: $80
Lollypops: $220
Spare Micro SD/USB: $70
Cableties: $55
Radio: $25

Total: $5,004