The 2015 Show is Running!
Lights installed: 21,555 of 23,534 (One item needs repairing)

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2015.

This year we plan on having 23,534 lights as part of the display. At the moment the lights are in last minute testing, but we are running the full show as a test


Please click on the image to get a full size image suitable for reproduction in newspapers etc.


This is a quick and nasty iPhone image from the first night of testing. Only just over 6,000 lights installed so far.


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Total of 2015's spend

6 Rolls Natural ABS: $180
3 Rolls Natural clear ABS: $90
Alcohol: $25
Snow Machines Alcohol: $40
3D Printer: $1600
Steel: $90
Storage Boxes: $50
Bunnings Various: $130
Spraypaint: $400
Glue: $120
Ladder: $210
Elastic & Material: $50
Fencing: $550
Lollies: $90
Total: $3,625

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