2021 Build



All of the items are down, packed away and we are beginning to start the design and upgrades for 2021.

Planned upgrades:

  • Rebuild arch bases for strength and storage
  • New main controller box build so I don’t have to open it, and also a 12V PSU inside for the security cameras
  • A new shed for storage of all the items for the lights.
  • Upgrade the rest of the control boxes not upgraded in 2020, complete with temp sensors
  • Network upgrade to move temp sensors and cameras to a new network range (I’m running out of IP addresses lol)
  • New Website
  • Replace the old home made candy canes with new ones from Extreme Lighting Displays
  • New arches over the driveway, that were planned for 2020, so hopefully they will come in 2021

I have begun the upgrades and repairs on the old 3*3 P5 tune to signs for 2021, starting with relocating the fuses from the right hand side to below the screen, and then moving the Raspberry Pi from the main control box to a second box below the screen on the left hand side. The old hole on the right will be used to provide a voltage indication of the internal PSU. Depending on time and resources, I have also considered designing a new P5 panel joiner to trial on these screens instead of the existing 3D Printed joiner.

The original location of the fuses on the screens.
The fuse block will go in the box on the right, and the Raspberry Pi in the box on the left.
40mm fan cover used for the Raspberry Pi cooling fan. Laser cut and engraved











2021 Spend

Main control box: $168
Waterproof RJ45: $108
Kulp K16-A-B: $225 (Given away at ACL Sydney Expo)
Kulp K32-A-B: $275
Angel Wings Coro Prop: $100
Ray Wu Order 1: $455
Gigabit network adapters: $50

Total: $1,381