January to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2019.

JAN 06

Most of the items are down, packed away and we are beginning to start the design and upgrades for 2019

Planned upgrades: 26 more 3D Printed stars, new vents, new coro items and more through the year. I have started printing the 12 point stars and P10 brackets, as well as 20 more gutter clips.

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FEB 27

We finally managed to get to Redkite to deliver the cheque. This was our first visit to the new office near Central Railway Station, and we were very impressed with the new open layout.

Redkite 1

The Redkite staff listening to Suellen talking about how we greet people, and some funny stories about people who visit.

Redkite 2

We watched about 7 videos from this years display, mostly new ones, but also a couple of the older songs from previous years.

Redkite 3

Here we are handing over the cheque for $2400 for this years fundraising. Our lowest year ever, but weather caused people to stay away, as well as caused more than a little damage to the display, leading to lower turnouts as well.

Redkite 4

A wonderful gift that will soon grace the wall in the computer room.

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