January to December

See a comparison of the hardware used to run the displays between 2007 and 2017.


Started updating the lights to Pixels for the outlines.

2 Verticals and 2 Angle sections were upgraded to pixels with covers, gaining a few extra lights per string, but a LOT more control, and better power injection. 124 pixels added to the display, with about 400 more left to go at a guess.


Order 2 from Ray Wu is in progress. This $990 order is the screens for the replacement for the pixel screen on the front of the house, as well as enough pixels to allow the Megatree to be increased to 63 pixels using the pixels from the rose garden, and then replace the rose garden pixels with new 2811's.

Need to start on the pixel upgrade of the house outline too, so might start that later today so I know I have enough LED's for that job.


Started to sequence this week!

My sequencing is terrible, so I really needed to get started with some sequencing earlier so over the last week or so I have started to update the latout for the 2017 show, upgrade all the old song names to a more uniform layout, and basically tidy up the show directory to make sure 2017 is easier to sequence. Items like the new Snowflakes have had channels allocated, they have been added to the house, the old Pixel screen has been "moved" and the location freed up for the new 25 panel P10 screen.


Well the VAST transmitter arrived and this thing is sweet. It allows you to transmit the song name or the station ID so that more modern radios can see the digital information, but older radios still hear everything the same.

I'll replase the older transmitter in the next few weeks and begin testing it. The power supply is 5V, compared with 12V for the older transmitter, so that removes one more cable from the mix as well.


So much for express post - they sent te item normal post as DHL was too dear. Bloody Vast and their transmitters, wish I had not bought it now as I wont get it for at least another month.

All the controllers are updated, but because of the item below, some of the controllers will be retired this year, most likely the PIXAD8, and I'll put the P12R in its place.

On the plus side I ordered a new controller - the Falcon F16 V3, plus an expansion board, a differential expansion board and 4 differential receivers. This thing is NICE!

The new Falcon F16, with 16 outputs of 1024 pixels each. As you add expansion boards that 1024 pixel count is shared between the main board and the expansion.


Still no sign of the transmitter that I ordered back in early December. I contacted the supplier and they are sending me a new one express post once the transport companies open after the Chinese new year celebrations

A few more items have been repaired and most of the controllers have been upgraded to the new firmware.


All 12 Snowflake frames have been done, and a couple have lights on them already.

Started a list of things to be done:


More filament ordered from Aurarum for the 3D Printed Snowflakes. 3 rolls of natural and 2 of white PLA.

4 frames for Snowflakes done now, and I am considering doing 6 on the west side of the house, and 6 on the north side as well. Still working on decent programming for them at the moment, and I have a small issue with the mapping of the LED's, but I'll get that right soon.


I have been madly designing and printing a demo snowflake that will contain 96 2811 pixels, so I need pixels, a LOT more pixels. My first Ray Wu order of the year for a total of 1,500 5V 2811 pixels is on the way from China now. 500 are for the 5 remaining snowflakes, and 1000 will be a good start for the house outline replacement, but I'll be getting another order of about the same size soon as I want a few more items changed to Pixel, and I'm thinking of 6 more snowflakes on the other side of the house.

One of 6 of the parts needed for the Snowflake.

A completed Snowflake, which is 660mm in diameter when completed

Lights installed on the frame

LED's during a test run

LED's during a test run


Well it looks like my old FM Transmitter is on its way out, so I bought a new VAST FM transmitter with the ability to do RDS messages, station name and song name. This is something I have wanted for a while, so it was worth the spend, and we can use the old radio as a spare.

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Total of 2017's spend

FM Transmitter: $160
5 Rolls of Filament: $170
Ray Wu Order 1: $682
Ray Wu Order 2: $990
4 Rolls of Cable: $100
Falcon Controller: $500
Soldering Iron parts: $60
Total: $2652

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